Tuesday, 25 November 2008

New Book: Digital Culture, The Changing Dynamics

The book 'Digital Culture: The Changing Dynamics' has been published by the Institute for International Relations (IRO). The title was edited by Biserka Cvjeticanin and Aleksandra Uzelac, Scientific Researchers at IRO and Editors of the Culturelink publications.

Aleksandra Uzelac: How to understand digital culture: Digital culture – a resource for a knowledge society?; Rob van Kranenburg: New realities, new policies?; Helena Popović i Hajrudin Hromadžić: Media users: from readership to co-creators; Tomislav Medak: Transformations of cultural production, free culture and the future of the Internet; Jaka Primorac i Krešimir Jurlin: Access, piracy and culture:  the implications of digitalization in Southeastern Europe; Joost Smiers: Copyright and the digital age: a contradictio in terminis; Biserka Cvjetičanin: Challenges for cultural policies: the example of digital culture; Vesna Čopič: Digital culture in policy documents: the national(istic) perception of cultural diversity - The case of Slovenia;Ana Žuvela Bušnja i Daniela Angelina Jelinčić: Managing culture in virtual realms: policy provisions and issues - A European perspective; Herve Fischer: Ecology of the media and hyperhumanism; Jane Finnis: Turning cultural websites inside out: changes in online user behaviour, Web 2.0 and the issues for the culture sector; Lidia Varbanova: The online power of users and money: can culture gain?; Carlos A. Mas Zabala i dr.: A glance at the Cuban culture through its cultural portals.

Digital culture is a new complex notion: today digital trends are increasingly interloping with the world of culture and arts, involving different aspects of convergence of cultures, media and information technologies, and influencing new forms of communication. The new possibilities created by ICT – global connectivity and the rise of networks – challenge our traditional ways of understanding culture, extending it to digital culture as well. So, culture today should be understood as an open and dynamic process that is based on interactive communication, and we cannot think of it as an enclosed system which makes up a 'cultural mosaic' with other similar or diverse cultural systems. The ICT and especially the Internet, has given these interrelations a new dimension, by changing our relation towards knowledge and knowledge society, by intensifying the flow of cultural goods and services, and by causing a new understanding of cultural creativity.

The book entitled Digital Culture: The Changing Dynamics, is the result of discussions among experts, members of the Culturelink Network and IMO's researchers, in the course of the past few years on the impact of information and communication technologies on culture and the changes that in the context of the information era affect established cultural practices and concepts. The inspiration for producing this book rose from the meeting of experts at the Culturemondo conference, held in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 2006, hosted by Culturelink. Informal debates led to the proposal to unite different approaches, opinions and reflections about the phenomena transforming the world today into one book focusing on digital culture.

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Monday, 24 November 2008

Video from the Re-network! conference in Ljubljana (June, 2008)

Here is video from the Re-network! conference which took place in Ljunljana on 12th June 2008. This was the first international conference where inSEEcp presented its members and activities.