Friday, 5 December 2008

New inSEEcp's logo by Andrija Nikacevic

'The shape of new inSEEcp logo is based on square that presents the basic unit of the screen resolution – pixel, in that sense showing the media it represents – the web portal. At the same time, squares are associate to web windows, their interlacing and information exchange; as well as the collaboration between portals in the region.'

'By spreading the squares from the upper left to the bottom right side in different colors, this logo is geometrically placed within a certain geographical and abstract context of the region, but this dynamic form itself shows a tendency for expanding outside of the borders. With the color pallet, logo for inSEEcp presents optimism and awakens positive vibrations.'
Andrija Nikacevic, graphic designer, Belgrade

Andrija Nikacevic is respectable designer with many projects behind, his latest project was visual identity for the Octobar Salon. Nikacevic was participant of many international artist-in-residence programs, as well as jury member of design contests.

In the occasion of the conference Cultu(RE)gion online, Future Goes By!, the organizers will publish a brochure on English, German and all regional languages of the portals included.

The conference will gather about 20 portals – present and future members of the informal network, as well as representatives of many foundations, cultural centers and different targeted groups.

(RE)gion online, Future Goes By! Has been organized by portal, Goethe Institute Belgrade and Stability Pact for South-Eastern Europe.

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